The Vintage Tech Trend

It may seem a little odd to hear the words ‘vintage’ and ‘technology’ in the same sentence, but when it comes to the home, it turns out we’ve all been looking to the past for inspiration.

Whether it’s about aesthetics, nostalgia or the perception that things were better back in the past doesn’t seem to matter – it’s a trend that has been gaining momentum over the last decade, resulting in many home furnishing and technology retailers looking to get in on the act.

Here are some of the most popular items getting a vintage makeover, giving us a blast from the past, broken down into specific categories.


Music trends come and go, almost cyclical in nature, and there are some things from the 20th century we seem incapable of letting go of.

Vintage Style Radios – While DAB, Bluetooth technology and smart capabilities are all must-have features for a radio these days, some of the most popular models are actually styled on classics, at least from a visual perspective. Harking back to decades like the 30s, 50s and 60s in particular, manufacturers have essentially been putting convenient features in cooler packaging. Roberts Radio, a British electronics producer has been leading the way, but many of the big retailers have been jumping on the bandwagon.

Jukeboxes – They may have fallen out of fashion for the majority of people, but a dedicated few kept these chunky, iconic machines going. They’ve been part of a vintage revival, no doubt in a bid to reject the limitlessness of streaming with a more restricted and carefully curated music selection.

Record Players – A divisive topic in the music world, there’s no doubt record players and vinyl records have firmly made a comeback. Whether you like the feeling of browsing record stacks, physically putting on music or just the vintage design of the players themselves, there is something for most people to enjoy in this trend.


There is so much choice out there for lighting options in the home, made especially versatile by endless options online, but vintage lights are a huge market. Add a little rustic charm to your home with some of the following:

Standing Lamps – Standing lamps designed to look like classic movie spotlights are statement pieces that are both practical and stylish. Living rooms across the country are getting a touch of Hollywood glamour thanks to these lights.

Bedside Lamps – A similar trend to the standing lamps, but with far more possibilities, you can go for a Gatsby-esque lamp or something that looks like it was stolen from a nuclear bunker. As long as you haven’t gone overboard in the rest of your bedroom, these lamps can add a little touch of charm. You can even pair them with old-fashioned-looking filament bulbs.

Neon Signs – Adding vibrancy and colour to any room, neon signs have made a comeback in a big way. Evoking the 60s, 70s and 80s, it’s a chic touch for any room in the home but best suited to living rooms, game rooms and bedrooms. You can find classic neon signs from bars or even design your own these days.


We’ve got some of the greatest technology ever available to us now, so why are we still looking back to keep ourselves amused? Here are some items we may have thought we left behind, but we just can’t bear to part with them because of the nostalgia.

Cameras – Polaroids seemed to be on the way out at one point, but they’ve made a huge comeback. Available in a multitude of colours and sizes, having a camera where you can instantly hold and treasure the picture physically is something that just can’t be matched by even the best smartphones.

Gaming – The PS5 is on most people’s Christmas lists, but retro gaming has become equally popular. It’s mainly second-hand stuff, but some systems have been reproduced on smaller novelty consoles as one-offs with games preloaded, including the Sega and the original NES.

Phones – Nearly everyone has a smartphone, and plenty of people have rejected the landline altogether, but as a smaller niche, the physical home phone still exists. You can go for sensible, classic styles or add a pop of colour and quirk with novelty models, such as the burger phone popularised in the film Juno.

It’s clear that there are so many ways in which technology is changing our lives, but it’s good to see that there are some trends that are truly timeless. The question is, will there still be a hunger for these items in years to come, and what will we treasure from current tech in 50 years’ time?

You can find these vintage items in most modern electrical stores, or you can find bargains on Facebook Marketplace and other second-hand sites if you’re willing to hunt for bargains.