5 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

There’s nothing quite like cooking in your own kitchen. Takeaway food might be easy, but you can’t match the sense of achievement and well-being that comes with preparing your own food. 

For many homes, the kitchen is the beating heart, the hub where everyone comes together for meals. During these recent turbulent years, that connection to the food we eat has become even more important; it soothes the soul, gives you a sense of accomplishment and, most importantly, feeds your stomach!

With that said, the kitchen is an area where things are always developing. From simple tools to high-tech gadgets, there is something new and trendy every month to help boost your culinary creativity or simply to help keep your kitchen organised.

Let’s take a look at the five must-have gadgets for your kitchen right now.

Air Fryers

Part of an ongoing trend, air fryers are popping up everywhere – including on TikTok – as alternatives to regular frying. By circulating hot air inside a removable basket, it requires little to no oil or fat to crisp up classic items like chicken and chips. 

If you’re a fan of those slightly unhealthy meals but want to cut the calories as much as possible, the air fryer has the potential to become your best friend. But while they’re reaching a peak of cool, it’s worth noting the convection technology they deploy is nothing new (it was originally invented in 1945), it’s merely been improved and packaged as a counter-top cooker.

You can snap these up as bargain items in supermarkets or go with top-end brands such as Ninja, making this a piece of kit everyone can get on board with.

Milk Frother

This next entry might not have been such a must-have item if it hadn’t been for the pandemic. With many thousands of people having to work from home, the office coffee was no longer something you could rely on, plus, with most coffee chains situated in city centres, there was little chance of getting a good cup of joe.

Forced to upgrade at home, you might have the fancy coffee machine, cafetiere or Aeropress, but is your milk game on point? If not, it’s time to look at a milk frother. We’re not talking about the cheap wands you can buy on Amazon though, we’re talking about milk velvetisers – a small jug-like piece of kit that spins and whisks your milk at the same time, heating it into a velvety, foamy cream for your coffee.

Give your lattes and cappuccinos the finishing touch they deserve. 

Countertop Dishwasher

Homes are getting smaller and more people are struggling to get onto the property ladder, instead choosing to stay in rented property for longer. This leaves little room for any appliances unless they’re absolutely necessary like an oven and a fridge. So what about the convenience of a dishwasher? Usually bulky white goods, dishwashers are not an option for flats or small terrace homes.

But wait, the counter-top dishwasher changes all that. Ok, they might be limited in terms of how much you can put in them, but they can still save you time for all your smaller items if you live by yourself or with one other person. From very basic models to ones with neon lights and a window so you can watch the washing process, you can get that professional clean without all the hard scrubbing.

Electric Food Composter

While some local authorities provide food recycling baskets as a household scheme, many areas in the UK don’t have them. If you have your own garden, you can start a composting pile, but it takes up space and needs to be situated away from the house. 

Our next entry on the list does away with all that in a handy, compact composter.

It’s an electric machine into which you place your food waste. The waste is then dried and ground up (quietly) out of sight before being cooled, all without releasing any smelly odours. Not only does this cut the volume of the food down, but you’re left with a potent fertiliser for the garden if you have one. 

While an electric machine might not seem the most green, it needs very little power and can help you recycle waste you would ordinarily put in your normal bin. It also doesn’t hurt that they look stylish, either.

Herb Garden

On the surface, a herb garden doesn’t seem like a very high-tech gadget, in fact, it probably doesn’t seem like a gadget at all. But if you’re tired of buying fresh herbs that start to wilt after a few days, why not try growing them yourself with an electronic herb garden?

You can now get these small units in which to plant your herbs with an automatic watering system and lights to help them grow. That means you don’t have to do any hard work and you can have constant access to fresh herbs. There are plenty of different makes and models to choose from, with some brands offering smart functionality to control the little herb garden from your phone.

Technology is constantly evolving and finding ways to – usually – make our lives easier and healthier. The five items on this list only scratch the surface of what’s possible, but if you’re going to go out and snap up the latest technology, you might want to think about getting a bigger kitchen first!